Minister hopes MQM to play role in bringing normalcy in Karachi

ISLAMABAD:Commenting on Alatf Hussain’s arrest in London, Information Minister on Wednesday said Pakistan government would provide every possible moral and legal assistance to any Pakistani facing a difficult situation in any country.

Pervez Rasheed

Pervez Rasheed

He said as Altaf Hussain was very popular in Karachi, the reaction of his party workers was natural.

However he hoped that the MQM would play its positive role in bringing normalcy in Karachi.

To a question about talks or operation against the extremist elements he said that Prime Minister has devised a strategy which is backed by all political and democratic forces and national institutions which would yield result and make the country a peaceful nation.

Replying to a question he said that the government fully cooperated with Altaf Hussain and allegations by some opposition leaders on the issue of his passport were baseless.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has issued directions to provide MQM chief a counsel access in London. About the news of the arrival of Tahirul Qadri he said that countless people suffered from pneumonia after attending sit-in and now people cannot be befooled in such hot weather conditions.

About Imran Khan he said that the PTI leader attended the Joint Sitting of the Parliament held for presidential address which shows that he has faith in parliamentary system.

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